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We started the unreached media initiative at the peak of the world's worst pandemic as a way of helping small traders and businessmen deal with the lockdown. We want to introduce digitisation to every corner of the world and help people realise the advantages of the digital era that we are currently living in. We provide services across the globe with ease and even offer a lifetime of after service. No matter the place, no matter the size. We're on a mission to help connect the world and the Internet is our best tool to help achieve that. We're a closely knit team of young, skilled and, passionate people. 

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Our Work will be guided and informed by our values and commitments-

Participation - We urge our clients to directly participate in the decision making process regarding any and every service we provide.

Passion - We whole heartedly believe in our vision and are excited to grow as a community helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.

Communication - We believe communication is key in building any relationship. So we strive to provide quick responses 24/7.

Transparency - We believe you should be part of the process.That's why, we include our clients in the process and keep them updated at every step of the journey.

Adaptation - We strive to keep on adapting and improvising. Ensuring YOU get the best and latest updates time and again.


Our vision is precisely encapsulated in our Tagline "We reach the unreached". With this initiative we hope to achieve digitisation for small and local businesses. For the businesses that have yet to tap into the power of the mighty internet.

Welcome to Unreached Media, the No.1 source for all your digital needs. We're dedicated to serve you the scoop of digital endorsement your business deserves with an emphasis on Social Media Management, Graphic Designing(Photo & Video), Website Development, Copywriting and Digital Marketing. Our only goal is to reach the Unreached!

Founded in 2020 by Divyanshu Singh Rajput, Unreached Media has come a long way from its beginnings in that small room of his hometown. Unreached Media came to life when Divyanshu's passion for helping other people became his motivation to start his own business. Now, they serve clients worldwide in all different countries and time zones.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Our goal is to help small local business to digitise their business and help them tap into the potential of the internet. We offer our services across the globe. no matter how small, or how far, we strive to provide them the best experience.


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